The Little Entrepreneur: Adventures in Side Hustles – eBook


Encourage your child’s entrepreneurial spirit with “The Little Entrepreneur: Adventures in Side Hustles.” Through relatable stories and practical tips, this captivating book inspires young readers aged 6 to 10 to start their own side hustles. Join Deslyn on his exciting journey and discover the joys of creativity, hard work, and success. Get your copy today and empower your child to become the next young entrepreneur!

Remember, starting a side hustle can be an adventure filled with excitement and learning. It’s never too early to inspire young minds and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. “The Little Entrepreneur: Adventures in Side Hustles” is the perfect tool to ignite their imagination and set them on a path of exploration and success. So, grab a copy, dive into the world of entrepreneurship, and let the adventure begin!

The Little Entrepreneur: Adventures in Side Hustles is a captivating book that takes young readers on a journey of imagination and empowerment. Written specifically for children aged 6 to 10, this book introduces them to the exciting world of entrepreneurship through relatable stories and inspiring characters.

Join Deslyn, a young and ambitious boy, as he embarks on a series of side hustle adventures. From running a lemonade stand to providing pet care services, gardening, coding, and more, Deslyn’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he learns valuable life lessons about hard work, creativity, and determination.

Through engaging narratives and vivid illustrations, children will be captivated by Deslyn’s experiences and motivated to explore their own entrepreneurial dreams. Each chapter focuses on a different side hustle, offering practical insights and tips that children can apply to their own ventures.

Chapter 1: The Idea Spark — Page 3
Chapter 2: The Adventure of the Lemonade Stand — Page 5
Chapter 3: Creative Crafts Galore — Page 7
Chapter 4: Pet Care Services — Page 9
Chapter 5: Gardening Delight — Page 11
Chapter 6: Coding Fun — Page 13
Chapter 7: Dream Big, Start Small — Page 15
Conclusion: Start Your Own Side Hustle! — Page 17
About the Series: The Little Entrepreneur — Page 18



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