Naming Your Side Hustle

How to choose a name for your Side Hustle when it’s time to make it your Main Hustle.

Understand, from the word go, that your company name will not make your Business or Brand, yes it helps to have a catchy name, but in the end, what ultimately makes a side hustle a main hustle, is the effort, determination and drive behind that name. The Vision, Mission and Values that your company name represents.

With that out of the way, here are 5 simple tips to use when choosing the name for your business.

1. Keep it short

You are going to be writing it down, typing it out, spelling it out for the rest of your life. is easier to write down, type out and provide over the phone than

2. Make it easy to spell

As most have experienced, trying to spell something over the phone can be challenging at the best of times, potentially leading to lost business.

3. Make it easy to say

If customers have difficulty pronouncing your business name, you might be missing out on referrals from one customer to another.

4. Make it easy to remember

Your future customers are bombarded with approximately 5000 ads a day. A name that is easy to remember makes it easier for potential customers to find you later or refer you to friends.

5. Own it

Your name does not give your company value. It works the other way around. The Vision, Mission and Values that your company name represents give it value. And should be lived out every day, by you, as the owner.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” _ Scott Belsky

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